First things first

And finally, my first blog post.

A little about me and the pretty|positive blog:

I am a Midwest girl now living in rural Washington where I have admittedly become a taco wagon addict. What, a taco wagon?

Yeah! Something you don’t see much of in Minnesota, but are everywhere around here. They’re food trucks that serve authentic Mexican dishes like my favorite: carne asada tacos, “with extra cilantro and lime,” I add at the end of every order. [and I’m already talking about food…]

Besides fashion, food is another love of mine. So forgive me if you occasionally find yourself reading about cuisine rather than clothing here.

While I have long wanted to start a fashion & lifestyle blog, I never imagined I would be living amongst corn and potato fields doing so. I have found that no longer living 10 minutes from almost any variety of mall, boutique, galleria or outlet you could want presents a unique and exciting challenge. Other than shopping online, I find myself out here in the country several hours away from the nearest decent shopping center. It has forced me to be a little more creative with my closet, putting new twists on older pieces and occasionally ordering or traveling to acquire must-haves.

The basics of pretty|positive: This blog is intended to be a portal of expression and inspiration as I share, explore and re-explore personal style. To me, personal style is experimental, brave, and ever-evolving. In a sense it’s our own trademark, and we should all have one [a trademark] we feel comfortable and confident in.

Join me as I embark on this journey of personal style, and let’s get this party started.

xox courtney


  1. Love it Court! & it sounds like you would be perfect to guest blog on to talk a little bit about the Washington/Seattle food truck scene.
    Excited to see more!! xoxo


  2. Great idea!! Food & clothing are basic necessities that deserve to be “spiced” up with creativity…. You are perfect for the challenge! Can’t wait to read your next blog 😉


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