perfect pairs

We’ve all been there. Those times you can’t wait to get your feet out of those shoes. Sure, I’ve come across some comfortable heels, relatively speaking, but even the most fabulous 4-inch pump can start taking a toll.

Don’t get me wrong, I love and own many heels. And maybe it’s unfair for me to exploit the discomfort of a stiletto only to emphasize my excitement that sneakers are a season staple. But no time to start feeling sorry for shoes here.  From the slip-on to the samba [adidas], sneakers have made a comeback, and that means looking cool and keeping comfortable.

I am loving the sporty vibe a sneaker can give an otherwise more formal or feminine look. For Friday’s date night, I decided to pair Reeboks with a miniskirt, complete with a sweatshirt [because what’s not to love about a cozy quilted sweatshirt for fall?]. I experimented with accessories and lipstick to achieve that balance of sporty yet feminine, see experimentation below:

I played around with this look: adding a beanie, removing the beanie, adding pink lipstick, re-adding the beanie. And although I’m a sucker for a good hat, I felt like pink lips were just enough to tie the outfit together for a casual night out.

Outfit details:

At some point I scored this blue beauty from the Target sale rack. It may have been a season or two ago, but does a good sweatshirt ever go out of style? [not in my book]. I like the quilted look; the stitched details add visual and textural appeal for a more dynamic piece. You can find similar ones here, here and here.

The black miniskirt is also from Target but similar ones can be found almost anywhere. I like the textured outer layer along with the elastic waist + zippered back on this one. Note: if you’re wanting a mini to wear with sweaters, sweatshirts, or other material-heavy tops, look for a more durable skirt. A light or overly stretchy material may not hold up when tucking in bulky items like the aforementioned.

I bought these Reebok classic nylon sneakers several years ago at the Dutchman’s Store [an old fashioned general store in southeast Iowa…this isn’t as random or weird as it sounds, I promise]. Fortunately, as sneakers such as the Reebok classic make their way into fall fashion, they can be found here.

My lip color is Mac, Flat Out Fabulous, and this crossbody bag turned clutch [simply by tucking in the strap] is from Old Navy.

And I should add: After dinner—on a mission to satisfy a sweet tooth—as we strolled up and down the grocery store’s ice cream aisle 7-10 times while debating which flavor of Ben & Jerry’s to bring home, I was happy to be wearing comfortable kicks.

xox courtney


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