Well, we are officially one week into the New Year. It’s an exciting time of year—especially for gym owners—when many of us resolve to ‘be better’ in the months to come. Resolutions are great, don’t get me wrong, but there’s a cynic inside me that’s bothered by the longevity many of these resolutions fail to sustain.

Criticism aside, I have made a resolution of my own. My goal is to have healthier skin in 2015; a resolution comprised of the following three strategies:

1. Drink more water: Lots and lots of water. It helps that I got this bkr bottle for Christmas that I love, love, love. The bottle holds 16 fluid ounces [500 ml] and I drink eight bottles per day.

There are many reasons to make sure we drink plenty of water throughout the day, from feeling more energized to keeping things working smoothly inside our bodies. Drinking lots of water helps our skin through hydration and flushing toxins that can lead to clogged pores. After just one week I am already seeing and feeling positive results.

2. Moisturize: I’m usually good about applying my Aveeno face moisturizer after a wash, but I often pass on the body lotion. By the time I turn off the warm running water and towel dry, I am ready to wrap up in a robe or get dressed in my winter uniform of a cozy sweater and jeans. Out of the shower I can’t help but notice my lotion sitting right there on the counter, and know I should be using it, but as I shutter at the thought of lathering up with the cold moisturizer I look away and head straight for my closet.

Ok, now that I’ve dramatically made applying lotion sound like the worst thing ever, I change gears to say: it’s worth it. Dressed in pants and long sleeves it can be easy to ignore dry skin, but that doesn’t mean we should. Among other benefits, lotion helps our skin hold in moisture and results in a more youthful appearance. One of my favorite products is Creme de Corps by Kiehl’s.

3. Regularly clean makeup brushes: This is a big one for me. Some experts recommend washing your makeup brushes every couple weeks—I have gone several months before refreshing mine [shameful, I know!]. I don’t even have a good excuse for putting it off because it’s so quick and easy. Why is it important? Every time we use our brushes bits of makeup, dirt, oil and dead skin cells build up on the bristles forming a breeding ground for bacteria, thus creating a recipe for clogged pores and breakouts. Gross.

When I do clean my brushes I use baby shampoo because it’s gentle and doesn’t have an overpowering scent. Here’s how: Pour a small amount into a shallow dish, mix with a little water and swirl the brush around. As the buildup comes off the brush and into the dish, rinse both and repeat until there is no sign residue and the water runs clean. I lay my brushes flat to dry. Tip: I have found the best time to wash my brushes is just after applying my makeup in the morning so they have a full 24 hours to dry before I need to use them again. Washing them at night may not give them enough time to fully dry before your next application.

Between makeup applications I will spray my brushes with this Sephora daily brush cleaner to help keep them fresh.

One week down and I am determined to keep my cynical side at bay by ensuring this skin resolution remains alive and well throughout the year. Sending positivity and encouragement to everyone working on resolutions of their own, cheers to 2015!

xox courtney


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