tucked in|a shapely little tip

I have often found that Mondays feel less blue after a fun-filled weekend. I am thankful Jake and I had a three-day weekend, especially after bowling on Thursday turned into a rather ‘thirsty’ night, reminiscent of my college days. Friday was spent recovering with the help of a late night visit to Chipotle and the frozen yogurt bar across the street. We cheered on the Seahawks Saturday and went ice skating downtown after the game. Sunday we grabbed lunch at our favorite Vietnamese spot and strolled Pacific Avenue before Jake left town for work.

But enough about the pastimes of our weekend, let’s talk wardrobe. While I was crossing my fingers for some sunshine, I can’t complain about 50 degrees in January [after all, I am still a Minnesotan at heart]. With the goal of being super comfortable on Sunday  I threw on this grey dress [the second nightie—yes, nightie—I was referring to in this post] and a chunky sweater. Without modification such an outfit runs the risk of looking far too frumpy—which is why I’m sharing my favorite, simple, shape-adding solution.

I like to use a stretchy headband, but a belt, string or shoelace will work just fine [I’ve experimented with them all]. Put the band around your waist wherever you want to add shape. I am a big fan of the half-tucked look, so I usually just tuck in the front and leave the back undone. Make sure your top covers the band as it folds over and roll the sides under so it flows from tucked to untucked.

And there you have it, a quick and easy way to create a ‘tuckable’ and defined waistline without sacrificing comfort. I hope everyone had a fulfilling weekend! Here’s to getting through the week and looking forward to Friday.

xox courtney


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