MIA: where I have been this month

My blog has been lonely this month as I somewhat unexpectedly called Colorado my second home in February. Let me explain…

It started with our annual ski trip—a tradition my high school friends and I established a few years back. This year we went to Beaver Creek, Colorado. I thought it would be hard to top last year’s trip to Park City, Utah as we sqeezed both skiing and Sundance into the same weekend. However, I must say Beaver Creek is now one of my favorite ski destinations. Between hitting the slopes and kicking back with a group of my favorite people, ski trip weekend is easily one of my favorites year after year.

Taffy at the Candy Cabin, an adorable little candy store at the top of the mountain.
photo 1-17.PNG
The gang.
photo 2-19.PNG
Fresh powder for day two.

We flew back to Washington on the first of the month, watching most of the Super Bowl on the plane and catching the heart wrenching conclusion at a SeaTac sports bar. Hungry and deprived of Vietnamese food, we stopped for some pho on our way home. Our dogsitter had informed us that Kenai, our [almost] three-year-old husky, was ready for her humans to come home—an understatement judging by her reaction when Jake and I walked in the door of our apartment. For a moment I thought she might burst of happiness as she shook, jumped, and spun with excitement. More than usual she stayed by my side those next few days, still cherishing the fact we were home.

ready for mom and dad to come home
Ready for mom and dad to come home.

For the most part my bags stayed packed, as at the end of the week I would be heading back to the Centennial State. There I stayed for two weeks spending time with family, working, happy hour-ing and oh yeah—shopping. If you have read my sweater weather post you know I enjoy a good thrift shopping. This trip I scored some super cool pieces that I am excited to share here on the blog. My biggest shopping success was stumbling upon this amazing LOFT sale with my aunt while we were on a “lunch break” from work. Undoubtedly, many of those pieces will be making a pretty positive debut as well.

photo 2-2
My sister, Ciera, and I woke up early on Valentine’s Day to get donuts…yum. [while I was in Colorado Ciera also flew out for a weekend as a surprise]
photo 2-18.PNG
I love a good sale, and this one was so good I visited it twice.

Even though Jake and I were apart for Valentine’s Day, we still had an exciting date to celebrate when I got home: our four year anniversary. Jake surprised me with tickets to the Cirque du Soleil show Kurios. I wish I had snapped some pictures during the show, but admit I was too entranced to think about doing anything other than sitting there in utter amazement at the incredible performances. Given the opportunity you must go see one of these shows!

After the show we stopped for our favorite snack. We may or may not have an addiction to frozen yogurt bars.
After the show we stopped for our favorite snack. We may or may not have an addiction to frozen yogurt bars.

One of my favorite things about Colorado is the weather; a state known for their many days of sunshine…very different than the rain we are accustomed to living on the Puget Sound. Fortunately it seemed as though I brought some sun home with me allowing Jake, Kenai and I to hike around Point Defiance. We planned our hikes around low tide so we could head down the cliffside and walk along the beach as well.

Kenai exploring
Kenai exploring
photo 1-16.PNG
Jake and me on our hike

As usual, coming home from a trip is a little bittersweet. After a stretch of nice weather the clouds and rain have come back in their usual hovering fashion. On the bright side I am back to sleeping in my own bed, making daily trips to the dog park, eating homemade food, spending the evenings relaxing with Jake and Keeks, and of course catching up on all of your blogs. What do you look forward to most after being away from home? I hope everyone has had a wonderful February so far; I am excited to be back on the blogosphere!

xox courtney

coming up next: a post about one of my favorite cold weather looks—otk.

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