otk: an affordable alternative

One of my favorite looks since fall has been all-things over the knee. When worn correctly, exposing just the right amount of leg, it’s the perfect balance of sultry and chic.

For months I have been dreaming of Stuart Weitzman’s high- and lowland boots, but as I search for my next career endeavor, such a splurge would be rash. As a compromise to my inner Weitzman yearning, I have settled on stockings.

The first pair I bought from Target. I was browsing the clothing section like I inevitably do [even if I have just buzzed out for a quick grocery or two]. I stopped by hosieries for some over the knee socks and ”bingo!” I thought when I spotted a convenient little three-pack—at least until I got home to try them on.

I slipped my foot into the nylon-like tube only to discover that actually getting the sock high enough to cover my knee required more wiggling, stretching and pulling than desired.

Even after I got them over my knees, it didn’t take long for the fibers to retract, slowly pulling the sock down to just above my shin. I gave the socks a home in the back of my closet and my search for a better, higher pair continued.

A few days later I stumbled upon a noteworthy pair at forever21. Textured and tall, I knew this was more of what I was looking for. I got home and opened the package that contained both a grey and black pair [perfect] and was pleased to easily pull the stockings up past my knees. At $10 [1/80th of the cost of those dreamy Stuart Weitzman boots] I must consider these socks a steal.

On mild days I’ve paired the stockings with my more winter-appropriate dresses, like this black quilted dress from Urban Outfitters, or the grey sweater dress in the photos below. Finding the right shoes for this look can be tricky, but after trying on a few different pairs from my closet these black ankle boots became my go-to option. photo 4-11.PNG photo 1-18.PNG photo 2-20.PNG photo 5-1.PNG photo 2-21.PNG photo 3-20.PNG

sweater dress: H&M | lace slip: Urban Outfitters | stockings: forever21 | boots: Steve Madden

I hope this post serves as a reminder that with a little creativity and compromise, getting the look of high-priced items is possible and affordable.

xox courtney

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