how to make perfect hard boiled eggs — every time.

It is officially April and Easter is just around the corner. Growing up, coloring eggs was tradition in my family. Newspaper was laid on the kitchen table, the little tablets dissolved in vinegar, and with wax crayons and little wire egg dippers my sisters and I were drawing and dipping away.

After a couple hours of decorating we placed the eggs back in the carton and marveled at our colorful creations—creations that by Eater brunch would be turned to deviled eggs.

Cooking the perfect hard boiled egg can be a delicate process. Not cooking the eggs long enough will result in a runny yolk, while overcooking will give you a dry, greenish center. Fortunately, following these four easy steps will give you the perfect hard boiled egg—every time.

1. Place eggs in a pan and cover with water.

2. Bring to a boil over high heat.

3. When the water begins to boil, remove from heat and cover for 16 minutes.

4. After 16 minutes, immediately rinse the eggs under cold water.

All done! Color. Eat. Enjoy!

xox courtney

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