fashionably GOing GREEN[er]

Earth Day is all about appreciating Mother Nature and admiring the beauty of our planet. It’s a day when we’re conscious about turning off the lights of rooms we’re not in and conserving water as we shower and brush our teeth. But more than that I think this day is about looking ahead and establishing commitments to be a little more green in our everyday lives.

Here are a few ideas for being fashionably green all year round.


Reduce your ecological footprint through mindful shopping. Keep an eye out and support brands [clothing, makeup, accessories] that are working with sustainable and organic materials. [1, 2, 3, 4, 6 & 8]

Reuse items like water bottles and shopping bags. [5 & 7]

Recycle old clothing. Some stores even offer discounts in exchange for clothing donations. Of course you can take it one step further by shopping recycled clothing at local thrift and consignment shops—something that is good for the environment, community and your bank account.



If Earth Day has you making promises to Mother Nature, I would love to hear how you plan to make a difference in the comments below. Stay green my friends!




  1. Great job Courtney!! My favorite (green) thing to do in the summer is support our local growers by shopping our Farmers Markets 😊


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