the book list: 7 summer reads

Unfortunately, I am not the most avid reader. The last book I read in full was almost two years ago [please withhold judgment]. At that time I was still living in Minnesota while Jake had moved back to Washington and at times the distance between us left us feeling–well–distant. Katelyn [see number 7 below] recommended I read Gary Chapman’s The 5 Love Languages.

I bought the book before boarding a train to Washington for a visit and figured the 30+ hour ride was the perfect opportunity to actually do some reading. A few pages in and I was entranced. I finished the book well before arriving to The Evergreen State [leaving me plenty of time to enjoy some bootlegged cocktails in the viewing car]. I recommend this book to you, as do I recommend traveling by train at least once in your life.

Fortunately I have friends who are bookworms. No, not the larva of wood-boring beetles that feed on the paper and glue in books, but the human kind! Human friends who enjoy reading and keep up on the latest and greatest publications. Here are seven of those humans and their summer reading suggestions:

1. Yes Please: read, reviewed and recommended by Megan


2. Big Little Lies: read, reviewed and recommended by Andria


3. The Glass Castle: read, reviewed and recommended by Chelsea


4. Still Alice: read, reviewed and recommended by Erin


5. Into the Darkest Corner: read, reviewed and recommended by Anna


6. The Nightingale: read, reviewed and recommended by Alison


7. Brain on Fire: read, reviewed and recommended by Katelyn


Do you have a favorite, must-read book to share? Let me know in the comments below! Cheers and happy reading.

xox courtney

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