LUSH: shampoo bar review

Whenever I hear rave reviews about a particular product I am always eager to try it myself. Most recently such buzz has been about shampoo bars.

A few weeks ago a simple text from my younger sister, Ciera, that read “I got a shampoo bar from LUSH and I love it. You should look into it,” piqued my interest, and the timing was perfect as I was in search of a ‘supplemental’ hair product.

Since dying my hair blonde I have been using Clariol’s Shimming Lights shampoo and conditioner [commonly known as ‘purple shampoo’]. I appreciate the way it helps keep my color bright while toning down brassiness, but the chemically smell leaves much to be desired on the olfactory front.

I figured alternating between the purple stuff and a bar would be the perfect way to not only stretch the life of my shimmering lights, but add some pleasant aroma back into my hair washing routine.

photo 1.PNG photo 2.PNG photo 3.PNG photo 4.PNG photo 5.PNG

I went to LUSH and described my hair and what I was looking for: something hydrating that will calm frizz without leaving my hair feeling oily or stripping the color. Before long I decided on the Montalbano bar. Infused with lemon and olives it’s meant to brighten and hydrate.

photo 2-1.PNG

It smells amazing and leaves my hair perfectly shiny and smooth to the point I can let it air dry and don’t feel like I have to use product or heat to style it. Ciera has similar things to say about her bar:

I use the copperhead bar which I love. It leaves my hair silky and shiny without damaging the color.

I am super pleased with this product and definitely recommend it. Also, because it’s a bar and not a liquid it’s perfect for traveling [just purchase one of the tin cases and you’ll be set to jet]! What I also love is the power these little bars are packing–just one can last up to 80 washes.

Tips: For easy removal, place a ribbon on the bottom of the storage tin. And for best results, let the bar dry before storing.


Thanks to the lovely girls at LUSH cosmetics, and cheers to happy and healthy hair!

xox courtney


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