4 photo editing apps worth downloading

Instagram is great. The editing tools are intuitive and new filters are added every so often; but sometimes you just want more. Whether you’re pre-editing for social media or just want to get creative with what’s on your camera roll, here are four basic, but brilliant, editing apps that can help make your photos a little more fab.


So many possibilities wrapped into a single app. Use it for unique filters, overlays, color adjustment and sizing. It’s the only app on the list you’ll have to pay for, but for just a buck it’s worth every penny.

photo 1-1
photo 2-1
photo 3-1
light overlay


photo 4-1
go to ‘original’
photo 5
select the middle option for white ‘gutters’

photo editor-

There’s a lot to play around with on this one, from effects [filters] and focusing to buffing out blemishes and whitening your smile–say cheeeese!

photo 1-2
photo 2-2
after 😀


So. Many. Options. Another app capable of great things, but exploring its filters is a good place to start. Before long you’ll likely have a handful of go-to favorites [like Andria’s top filter picks for editing her donut].

photo 1

photo 2-3

photo 3-2

photo 4-2


A good, straightforward app for when you don’t want to play the editing game [saturation, contrast, fade etc.]. Inspired by vintage photo films, the filters give your photos a romantic, retro vibe.

photo 2
photo 1
2nd street filter

And there you have it–four super simple apps for photo editing. If you have other favorite tools, tips or general editing tricks, I would love to read about them in the comments below!




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